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Indian Classical Music

is surely one of the great gems of our world culture!
With a history that goes back to the oldest scriptures in
the world, the Vedas, Indian classical music comes to us with a living vibration as pertinent today as ever!

“Swar-Mandir” School of North Indian Classical
Music, is dedicated to serving this great tradition, by
offering the highest quality of instruction and inspired
lectures and performances.

Manjula Verma, director of “Swar-Mandir”, is a
master performer and teacher with many years
of experience on the sitar.

One of the most popular instruments from India,
the sitar’s tonal quality gives it a peerless position
among other Indian instruments. Study at
“Swar-Mandir” is worldclass musical experience!


Manjula Verma has a Master’s Degree in Music from one of the most prestigious universities in India, Kurukshetra University.

She graduated at the top of her class, and was on the university role of honors. Manjula was awarded the state merit scholarship for music, and has taught at the Undergraduate College in Hissar, India. In addition to her teaching, performance and lectures, Manjula choreographs and performs Indian folk dances.


Lessons and Studies

Sitar - Beginner to Advance level

*Accepting students of all ages.

Lectures and Performances

Themes include:

- The History of Indian Music
- Time Theory of Indian Music
- The Importance of Ragas
- Compositions and Ragas

Call for more specific themes and
other performance options.

Swar Mandir
Phone: (734-776-2129)
email: mkvredrose@yahoo.com
School of North Indian Classical Music
1556 Commodore Circle
Canton, Michigan 48187

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